Obscuring Reality

Coming soon, Obscuring Reality is a collection of new and exciting illusion designs, the likes of which have never ben seen before. This isn't your father's illusion book. Every illusion contained within Obscuring Reality has been designed to push the very limits of reality. Nick Fox has spent the past two years designing ten original illusions just for this book. Combining his extenisve knowledge of illusionary methods and advanced 3-dimensional visualization, Nick created these 10 illusions to make your audiences' jaws drop. Here's just a small sample of some of the exciting ideas you can expect to see in Obscuring Reality:

  • Myst- Make an assistant vanish from a raised platform, while surrounded by a ring of spectators.
  • Geminex- A vertical cutting illusion, ending in the surprise appearance of a second girl.
  • Twistix- The magician twists himself over 360 degrees, yet, incredibly, steps out unscathed at the end.
  • Buried Alive- A stage version of the classic death defying escape.
Check back for updates.

"Project Paradox"

"Project Paradox" is the code name for Nick Fox's second book of original illusion designs. Although not too much is known about the contents of this secret project of Nick's, he has said that this book will contain illusions even more mind-blowing than those in Obscuring Reality, including the world's fastest helicopter appearance, as well as the first easily-transported "gradual appearance." "Project Paradox" is expected to be released sometime in the near future under a different name. Keep your eyes on this site for updates.