Nick Fox

FoxIllusions.com is home to illusion designer, Nick Fox.

Nick began designing illusions nearly a decade ago, but his inerest in magic has been present for most of his life. At age 3 he was taught his first magic trick. Now, it wasn't the best trick, and at 3 he wasn't exactly the best performer, but from that moment on he was hooked. As he grew older he bought every magic set, book, and trick imaginable. Eventually, Nick grew bored with performing other people's magic; he wanted to make his own. As he started trying to design his own effects, he quickly realized that no parlor could hold the magic that he envisioned.

Inspired by the magic of David Copperfield, Siegfreid and Roy, Lance Burton, and Franz Harary, among others, Nick began to design his own illusions. Since he first touched pencil to paper, he has not stopped creating original and exciting designs. He always sets his goal just above what he views as possible, because he knows that as a designer it is his job to bring impossibility to the world.

Fox Illusions

For a while now, Nick has dreamt of sharing his ideas with the rest of the magic world. Finally, in April of 2005 Nick set about designing a set of ten orginal illusions that would comprise his first book, Obscuring Reality. Since then, a lot has happened; designs were added and taken away, this site was created, redesigned, then redisigned again. Well, despite the constant changes, just over one year later, Obscuring Reality is just about ready to make its debut and Nick couldn't be happier. He is extremely proud of all of the illusions inside of the book and knows that you'll love them too.